Lalibera is written the way it is pronounced, in one breath, as if it were one word.

Colors and soft lighting. It takes no time to realize that the nose and palate are not mistaken. Our story is contained in these pages presented like a book to leisurely browse, as you scroll through the photos, and then quickly return back to the beginning.
"Free" is a way of thinking about this place is living every day with renewed passion.

La libera is more than an osteria, it is more the classical idea of ​​a restaurant.


The menu is not fixed. There are traditional plates, which shouldn't be missed, but the real pleasure is also finding the varying daily offerings.

At first glance the menu of Lalibera might seem like the traditional Piedmontese classics, but the creativity of Flavia Boffa gives every dish an unforgetable culinary experience..

Chefs Massimo Corso and Matteo Viberti along with Alessia Nastro personally choose the best seasonal offerings and ingredients.

The fish is sourced from the Pescheria Il Molo di Alba, which is well known througout the region for its superior quality fish and the meat is from the Macelleria Parrcone in Valdieri. The chefs are visted every day by farmers who are passionate about producing the best quality fruit, vegetables, eggs and various ingredients that are at the peak of the season.

Always on the menu:

• Giardiniera
• Chickpea soup and ribs
• Raw meat cut by hand
• Veal with tuna sauce
• Handmade Tajarin
• Chicken Ravioli in broth
• Small Ravioli made by hand
• Veal with caper sauce
• Roasted young goad
• Boneless Pigeon
• Tripe
• Tiramisu
• Panna cotta
• Fruit compote


The wine list is rich and deep, the result of careful selection, tastings and building relationships with producers over the years. The cellar includes Piedmont's small and medium wineries that have helped make this area famous around the world. Family wineries run by men and women who are tied to their land.

We choose Italian producers as well as wines from other regions and countries and recommend the best combinations with care: Barolo, Dolcetto, Roero, Barbera, Grignolino, Barbaresco, Piedmont and Italian Whites, Riesling and Champagne.

A journey, a search through labels and producers of the most interesting Italian and international wines.


The passion of the people who work Lalibera is the ingredient that drives us every day to create and transform raw ingredients into dishes that can give pleasure to our guests. With a look to the future without forgetting our roots.

Our work is a team effort where each of us plays a key role: the reception, a personal touch and attention to detail with every dish, making bread and homemade pasta, combined with recommendations for pairing with suitable wines for each meal are skills that each of us work to create perfect moments spent in Lalibera.

LALIBERA is Flavia Boffa, Matteo Viberti, Alessia Nastro, Alberto Macario, Grazia Dirago, Ferdinanda Boffa.


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Monday 19.00 - 23.00
Tuesday to Saturday 12.00 - 14.30 / 19.00 - 23.00

During the month of October we are open every day.

for Reservations

Phone +39 0173 293 155